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Undergraduate and Postgraduate students/ PhD candidates: The application for the right to free meals is filled in online at First-year students of all cycles of studies must first enrol in their department and then acquire access codes by applying on Also, students of all categories must have a valid Academic ID, which will be presented when receiving meals to be scanned by a barcode reader, installed at the student restaurants in Athens and in Psachna Evia.. It is noted here that entitled to participate in the online application for free meals are also students enrolled in Departments of the former TEI of Central Greece, who are completing their studies in the Evripos Complex. After entering the online application, students must select in the “Applications” field, the meals application type that applies to them. On the website there is a choice that directs you to the application’s user manual. When submitting the online application, students also submit in digital format (.jpg images or .pdf documents) the required documents, which are:

a) Recent family status certificate.

b) Copy of the student’s Police ID Card.

c) Document from a Public Authority or service or of a utilities bill, as proof of their place of permanent residence.

d) Certificate from the relevant Institution, as proof of the student capacity of a sibling

d) Copy of tax return from the competent Tax Office For Fiscal Year 2021.

f) Unemployment benefit certificate (where required).

g) Certificate from Supreme Confederation of Multi-child Parents of Greece (where required).

h) Copy of retirement act (where required).

i) Public Health Committee Certificate (where required).

j) Birth registration certificate of student (where required).

k) Death registration certificate of deceased parent (where required).

Specifically for post-graduate students and PhD candidates, in addition to the above documents, they must also submit, in digital format, a student capacity certificate.

Those registered as guest students at the UoΑ ( ERASMUS/ERASMUS+ and other similar international exchange programmes), coming from equivalent foreign institutions, as well as foreign scholarship students of the Ministry of Health and Religious Affairs, shall submit their application to the above webpage, which will have a special subsection with links related to these student categories. Undergraduate and postgraduate ERASMUS+ students must submit in digital format the Acceptance Document or the student capacity certificate, whereas Ministry of Education scholarship students must submit the relevant Ministry of Education document in digital format, which certifies that they hold a scholarship for the current Academic Year.

Students whose parents are divorced when submitting the online application, shall submit, always in digital format:

a) Tax return from the Tax Office with the income of the parent who has parental responsibility of the student;

b) Divorce agreement and court decision regarding custody and a private agreement, if any, referring to custody and the student’s expenses;

c) Recent solemn statement of the parent that they “remain unmarried and cover the exclusive expenses of the student”, validated by a Citizens’ Service Centre or other Public Authority regarding its genuine signature. It is also possible to issue the Solemn Statement from the website.

d) In case of a second marriage, the information is obtained from the joint tax statement or tax return note as submitted by the current spouses, whose protected family member is the student.


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